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Trending Hue is Lavender

Long before Pantone chose Ultra Violet for its 2018 Color of the Year, there was the unmistakable aroma of lavender in the air. We noticed this soothing pale shade popping up everywhere, from fashion runways to cookware, contemporary products and interior schemes, a refreshing change from modern design’s preoccupation with primary colors. It may be easy to label lavender a seasonal hue, its arrival timed in tandem with the emergence of crocuses and hyacinths, Easter baskets and pastel eggs, but we think 2018’s lavender trend is season-averse, imbued with enough staying power to outlast the coming seasons, and, possibly, the years ahead. Here, we highlight elegant contemporary design pieces rendered all the more beguiling by having been dipped in lovely lavender.

French cookware manufacturer, Le Creuset, released an irresistibly pretty colorway to its existing palette range—Provence, inspired, they say, not by Pantone’s Ultra Violet, but by the South of France’s famous fields of lavender.

Interior architect and designer India Mahdavi is known for her daring color schemes, and the Ladurée restaurant and tea room in Geneva is no exception. Dominating the dining room of velvet furnishings is the inspired color combination of bottle green and pale purple.

Taking femininity to new athletic heights, Puma’s collaboration with the singer Rihanna has produced the Puma Bow Sneaker collection, footwear that features satin ribbons and a selection of girly colors—including Sweet Lavender.

Proof that lavender is not just for kids’ rooms is this sophisticated modern space, styled by Danish interiors brand Bloomingville, in which a pale purple sofa is arranged against a wall painted in a elegant lavender.

Last September, New York Fashion Week exhibited its spring 2018 collection, and a major color trend emerged. Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors and Ulla Johnson were amongst designers who unveiled clothes, both formal and casual, that showcased various shades of lavender, lilac, mauve.


Flowers too come in this wonderful hue from Lily of the Nile to Anemones, Lilacs, Wild Indigo, Hyacinths, Cyclamen, Columbine, Tulips, Orchids, Fuschia and so much more.