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Mitonia and Cattaleya Orchids Available in Purple, Yellow, White and Pink – Miltonias and some Cattaleys are very fragrant!  Please Call Us at 515-276-4600 for Availability.  Oncidium Intergeneric, Izumis also available.

Sympodial orchids are characterized by having a succession of shoots or bulb like stems, referred to as pseudobulbs, each arising from the base of the one before it. Each pseudobulb has limited growth. Roots tend to form at the base of pseudobulbs, or along the rhizome (occasionally however, young plants complete with roots may form high up on the parent stem). The flower spike of sympodial orchids arise from the base of the pseudobulb, the end of the pseudobulb, some point along it, or even from a rhizome. The majority of tropical orchids are sympodial. Popular cultivated sympodial orchids include the Cattleyas, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums and Spathoglottis species.

Orchids are also described according to their manner of growth; whether terrestrial, epiphytic, climbing or lithophytic.

We specialize in Epiphytic orchids that are found naturally in the canopy of trees. These are the main group of tropical orchids. As they are epiphytes, they use the trees for support and exposure to sunlight, but do not directly take any nourishment from the trees on which they grow. They produce aerial roots which do not thrive in soil. Many Vandas are epiphytic.

Please Call Us at 515-276-4600 for Availability.

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Call Us Today for Current Availability – 515-276-4600  Orchids are 59.95 and 79.95 depending on the number of spikes.