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You know the feeling: it’s late at night, you have the place to yourself, and you just want something sweet. But just a little something. You don’t want to make an entire cake, or a dozen cookies, or anything that you’ll be tempted to eat the entire thing. Instead of busting out a pint of ice cream or a candy bar, treat yourself! Have one of our gooey homemade cookies. to have them on hand call us and order treats for yourself or for someone else!

Individually Wrapped or A Boxed Dozen

Gourmet Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Orange Slice, Snickerdoodle, Molasses, Oatmeal Raisin
with or without chocolate chips!

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There’s truly nothing like our one-of-a-kind, hand sculpted cookies; just one look and it’s clear these aren’t your average, run of the mill baked goods. The process is painstaking as each nut, chip or raisin is placed by hand into each cookie, rather than mixing the ingredients together first. This ensures that each cookie has the right balance of ingredients in order to nourish your need for gourmet goodies.