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Todays Flower – Parrot Tulip

Parrot tulips are flamboyant with their curly, twisted, and fringed petals that resemble the colorful feathers of the tropical bird of the same name. However, their beak-shape buds are what earned them their moniker. Nearly all varieties of parrot tulip are vibrantly colored, and many are two-toned.

Parrot tulips bloom mid- to late season on stems ranging from 12 to 28 inches tall. Their huge blooms do not stand up well in windstorms or rain, so plant them in a sheltered location.  They are spectacular in arrangements!

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white parrot tulip | they are huge, almost not natural | I therefore call them…:   parrot tulip…..I just must run down some parrot tulips for next year. I can’t find them here.: ~Tulipa 'Black Parrot' is a sport of 'Queen of Night' with heavy ruffling and a verdiflora brushing of green. Probably too dark a contrast with pure cold white but happy with ivory whites, apricot, and soft pinks.:

these are beautiful! I had some last year and go SO many comments on how pretty they were :) Texas Flame Tulips:    Roscoco Parrot Tulip - Feathery fire-red petals, bold green markings. Uniquely shaped and exotically striped, the Parrot  Tulips are endlessly fascinating. Their vibrant  colors and strong growth make these bulbs  covetable from coast to coast.:   Tulipa parrot 'Flaming Parrot' Tulip: TULIP GREEN WAVE  A terrific cut flower, this sport of Greenland is pastel mauve-pink with green flames and an exterior white base. ...: