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Homemade Cookies for Our Military

My husband LOVES cookies. And he especially loves getting them in a care package. There’s nothing quite like homemade cookies to make my pilot’s eyes light up and his smile grow big, even on a boring day during deployment.

One common problem in sending care packages is getting them there in one piece. In other words, not as a bag full of crumbs but actually still in the whole cookie shape.

The solution? It’s all in the packaging. Your loved one can receive and enjoy fresh-tasting, whole cookies and while we are a flower shop we also do many custom gift baskets, one of them being homemade cookies.  Recently we had troops return to Iowa and thought about what they might have missed.  Homemade cookies came to mind.  We sell gift baskets of cookies and have looked into sending them.  The Wild Orchid is pleased to offer shipping homemade cookies to your special someone of our troops out of state.

Picture the disappointment. Your Marine’s, misfortune when a box of “Sent with Love” chocolate cookies arrives melted onto the children’s photos. Your sailor’s sadness when moldy brownies mailed from Grandma have to be discarded. Your soldier’s irritation when faced with a pile of cookie crumbs that can’t be salvaged.  The Wild Orchid will guarantee the arrival of cookies in tact and edible.

I am sure most service members would love home-baked cookies any time of the year.

At Christmas times we have learned of the following schedule

  • Nov. 8 Standard Post®
  • Nov. 26 Space Available Mail
  • Dec. 3 Parcel Air Lift
  • Dec. 10 First-Class Mail®, Priority Mail®
  • Dec. 17 Priority Mail Express Military® Service

Contact Us at 515-276-4600 to get started on your order of gooey yummy homemade cookies.