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World Central Kitchen is dedicated to providing meals for Israeli and Palestinian families who have been forced to leave their homes. Here’s how you can contribute and make a difference.

World Central Kitchen, the nonprofit established by José Andrés in 2010, has consistently been a dependable source of aid for those affected by humanitarian crises. This charitable organization collaborates with local communities to establish kitchens that offer complimentary meals to individuals at risk of going without food. This mission has led the nonprofit to places like Ukraine and Haiti, as well as various cities across the United States, particularly during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

World Central Kitchen has swiftly taken action to assist Palestinian and Israeli families who have been displaced due to the recent escalation of conflict between Israel and Hamas. They have established kitchens in both Gaza and Israel to provide essential food and relief. The organization recently shared updates and photos from these locations, showing their efforts to serve meals like rice and meat, as well as dishes featuring potatoes, green beans, and chicken.