Lavender Cucumber




A beautiful blend of Lavender flowers,and crisp cucumbers . Cucumbers feel wonderful on the skin, soothing, tightening and refreshing. Lavender soothes and calms the skin as well. This soap is great for the body as well as the face!

It contains olive oil, farm fresh goat milk, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, pureed cucumber, shea butter, castor oil, fragrance, essential oil,  kaolin clay,

…Relaxing soft & clean scent
*Lavender oil is balancing, soothing, clarifying, normalizing are the qualities of this wonderful oil. Lavender essential oil has a light fresh aroma, its scent being described as floral-herbaceous, light, clear, balsamic, with woody undertones, and a camphor note. The name Lavender is derived from the Latin word ‘lavera,’ to wash. The most popular Essential Oil, it has a long list of applications, ranging from cosmetics to well-being remedies. It is suitable for all skin types and is considered a cell regenerator that is used in folk remedies to prevent scarring, stretch marks, and to slow the development of wrinkles. It is also known to moisturize dry scalp and hair. Aroma therapists use it to treat rheumatism, sprains, respiratory problems, abdominal cramps, depression, insomnia, tension-related problems, burns, sun-damaged skin, and various types of skin infections. It is effective in treating headaches, and migraines. Lavender tones the skin and is useful for all types of skin problems

*Cucumber oil: “Cucumber oil is the mildest essential oil and probably one oil that is and can be used for all possible purposes. Be it physical or internal. The oil is very cool and cools the area it is applied to and is hence often referred in cases of eye troubles. Substances in fresh cucumber extracts help scavenge free radicals, help improve antioxidant status,”

Most of these soaps are the rectangle shape bar. I may have other shapes available, please inquire if interested.

Naturally gentle and moisturizing for all skin types. Great combination for a relaxing bath

Soap design and colors may vary with each soap batch.